Björn Rohde-Liebenau

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Björn Rohde-Liebenau
Björn Rohde-Liebenau
Period at FWC Spring semester 2003
Field of Study Media and Communications
Sending University Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (IUKB), Sion, Switzerland
Sending Professor to be..
Local Mentor Yiannis Laouris
Involvement at FWC to be..
Achievements to be..

Björn Rohde-Liebenau was visiting the Technology for Peace project which was implemented by the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute during the Spring semester of 2003, while working on hist Masters.

Later in 2003, he received the academic title of European Master in Mediation from the Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (IUKB), Sion, Switzerland. He specialized in the prevention of conflicts as lawyer and consultant, in the treatment of already existing conflicts as a mediator, and in facilitating best practice with his structural work. He has founded RCC Risk Communication Concepts.

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