Centre for Training, Therapy & Research

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Centre for Training, Therapy & Research
Abbreviation KESY
Location Nicosia,Cyprus
Website http://www.kesy.intercol.edu


KESY is a non government organization. Ιt has three basic goals:

  • To provide clients with a safe, caring and professional environment in which they can access mentall health services.
  • To train & educate parents, students and professionals via seminars, workshops and letures.
  • To carry out research in ares related to the Centre's domain of practice.

As an affiliate of the University of Nicosia, the Centre also offers students a professional site they can carry out their practical training by assisting in the provision of the counseling services.

Services Provided

  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Couples Counselling
  • Family Therapy
  • Child Therapy
  • Stress & Anixiety Disorders Therapy
  • Parent Training on Behavioural & Other Issues
  • Psychological Testing & Evaluations
  • Professional Seminars & Workshops

Relation to Future Worlds Center

KESY is an associate partner of projects such as:

Psycho-Social Support to Asylum Seekers

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