Charles M. Ess

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Charles M. Ess is Professor in Media Studies, Department of Media and Com- munication, University of Oslo. Ess has received awards for excellence in both teaching and scholarship; he has also held several guest professorships in Europe and Scandinavia - most recently as Professor MSO (med særlige opgaver), Media Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark (2009-2012). Ess has published extensively in Information and Computing Ethics (e.g., Digital Media Ethics, 2nd edition, PolityPress, 2013) and in Internet Studies (e.g., [with William Dutton, OII], Special Issue: The Rise of Internet Studies, new media and society 15 (5), 2013). He emphasizes cross-cultural approaches, including virtue ethics and its applications to questions of being human in an (analogue-)digital age – e.g., a recent Webinar for The (E.C.) Digital Futures Task Force and DG CNECT on norms and values for media in the digital age.