Chrysostomos Sofianos

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Chrysostomos Sofianos
Chrysostomos Sofianos
Years of service 1992 - 2000
Service type Ex oficio Board Member
Degree(s) Diploma in Teaching
B.Sc. Degree in Philology, History and Archaeology
M.A. in Education
PhD in Education
University(ies) Teachers’ Training College of Cyprus
National University of Athens
Ohio State University, U.S.A.
Notable Achievements Credited for introducing Cypriot dialect in education
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Dr. Chrysostomos Sofianos was a Founding Member for the establishment of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute and served as Member of the Board until 2000. While serving as Minister of Education and Culture, Dr. Sofianos managed to implement extensive educational reforms. He was also the first minister of education who promoted the cypriot identity.

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