Classic Fairy Tales (Τα Παραμυθάκια)

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Classic Fairy Tales (Τα Παραμυθάκια)
Classic Fairy Tales (Τα Παραμυθάκια)
Date Created) First version released in 1998
Target Audience Children 3-10
Software Type Software
Software Format Mobile App
Software Description App from which via in-App purchases more tales can be downloaded
Language(s) Greek
Copyright Ekkotek
Link(s) Classic Fairy Tales on the Apple Store
Classic Fairy Tales on the Google Play Store

Classic Fairy Tales (Τα Παραμυθάκια) represents a major leap forward of a collection of Tales developed in the mid 90s for CYBER KIDS by The Multimedia Factory. The original designs and coding was done by Yiannis Laouris within Macromedia Director. In 2012 Eleni Philippou upgraded the code to Macromedia Director 2004, which allowed publishing in the Apple Store. The current version was re-written in Objective-C and in Java by Katerina Fotiou and consists of a single App from which tales can be added via in-App purchases.

Part of early Dyslexia Research

Τα Παραμυθάκια was not only used for entertainment by CYBER KIDS but it was originally developed to experiment with the idea that the ability of children to play with puzzles and to sequence the screens of the story might be correlated with learning difficulties. Indeed, an early experiment has shown a very high correlation.

The current App version allows users to:

  1. Choose a Tale from the train menu
  2. Browse through its 16 pages and listen to the narration
  3. Play a puzzle in each page trying to complete it before the narration is done
  4. Try to put the 16 pages of the story in the correct sequence

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