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{{Infobox organization
{{Infobox organization
|name          = Cumbria Development Education Center
|name          = Cumbria Development Education Centre
|image          = CDEC_Logo.gif
|image          = CDEC_Logo.gif
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Lead partner in The World From Our Doorstep.

Cumbria Development Education Centre
Location Cumbria, UK
Website http://www.cdec.org.uk

The Cumbria Education Development Centre (CDEC), based in the lovely lake district of northern England, is a registered charity and educational leader. Since their 2008 inception, CDEC has engaged with more than 240 schools, providing high quality training to teachers, resources to schools, and a wealth of expertise. CDEC contributes to, and initiates, projects that support enquiry, reflection, thinking skills, and a value based learning approach. Relevant themes, like sustainability, fairness, and North-South linkages, play a major role in CDEC's efforts as they aim to help young people, families, and teachers understand their roles and responsibilities in our increasingly globalized and interconnected world

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