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The Cyprus EU Association is a Turkish Cypriot NGO founded and led by Ali Erel in 2006 aspiring to convey views and suggestions to foreign states and it contribute to the development of the social, political, legal, economic and cultural life in Cyprus and its integration with the world.

Cyprus EU Association
Type NGO
Location North Nicosia, CYPRUS
Leader Ali Erel

The objectives of the Association are as follows:

  1. To make correct information accessible in Cyprus;
  2. To communicate Turkish Cypriots and the NGOs correct information together with ideas and proposals based on this information.
  3. To generate ideas and proposals and communicate them to local and International authorities and International Organizations;
  4. To channel information that will facilitate Turkish Cypriots´ Harmonisation with Acquis Communautaire;
  5. To help the development of social, legal, political and cultural aspects of Cyprus and its integration with the International World.

The Cyprus EU Association consists of 16 founding members who had their first meeting on 22nd February 2006 and formed the organisational structure. The bodies of the association are as follows;

  • Executive Board: Ali Erel (President), Cahit Kaya (Vice President), Mustafa Damdelen (Vice President), Unsal Ozbilenler (Treasurer), Ismail Sayi, Hasan Cirakli, Serdar Atai (Substitute Member), Dervis Okan (Substitute Member)
  • Discipline committee: Hasip Erel, Salih Cosar, Gokhan Noyan, Kani Kanol (Substitute Member)
  • Auditing Committee: Ulker Fahri, Derya Beyatli, Didem Erel (Substitute Member)
  • Secretary General: Dervis Musannif

Relation to Future Worlds Center

The Cyprus EU Association coordinated the Civil Society Dialogue project together with CITI: Cyprus Intercultural Training Initiative, an NGO established by key members of the Cyprus Conflict Resolution Trainers Group[1] to offer conflict resolutions workshops to Cypriot citizens. Key trainers Marios Michaelides, Yiannis Laouris, Mustafa Damdelen]] and Derya Beyatli invited the

21st Century Agoras represented by Aleco Christakis as partner to a UNDP-ACT co-funded project. 

Tatjana Taraszow

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  1. Cyprus Conflict Resolution Trainers Group page in Wikipedia