Dialogic Design Science

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Dialogic Design Science (DDS) is the theoretical foundation of the Structured Dialogic Design Process Methodology.

The ultimate objective of this People's Science is to support people from all walks of life for practicing authentic participative democracy by applying the Co-Laboratories of Democracy approach in designing or re-designing their social systems.

The Domain of Science Model (DOSM), proposed by Professor John N. Warfield in 1987, is being employed as the contextual typology for assigning the component artifacts of the DDS in the four distinct domains of the DOSM, namely:


Grounded on six Foundational Axioms of Dialogic Design Science, seven Laws of Dialogic Design Science and Key Definitions used in Dialogic Design Science.



The Structured Democratic Dialogue Process is grounded on the theory and expects Facilitators to fully comply with all requirements imposed by Dialogic Design Science.


This is a [[comprehensive list of all Co-Laboratories organized by Future Worlds Center.