European film club pilots

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Contract Title European Film Club Pilots
Contract Number 2014 -2057/001-001-554549-CREA-1-2014-1-UK-MED-AUDEV
Funding Period 01/10/2014 - 30/09/2015
Funding Agency European Commission, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
Total Cost €316,468.89 €(Total Budget)
Partners Future Worlds Center,
Associació Educativa i Cultural Sahrazad


The European Commission’s Creative Europe MEDIA Programme is funding the development of three bespoke pilot programmes of film clubs, developed and coordinated by Future Worlds Center in Cyprus, ActiveWatch in Romania and Associació Educativa i Cultural Sahrazad in Spain (especially Catalonia) with support and coordination provided by Film Literacy Europe from the UK.

The three organisations will be developing three new models of film clubs that can test the idea in each nation for future roll out. They will also be testing, in part, digital streaming of films to schools as that is the future.

Each of the three pilots aims to work with primary and secondary schools, reaching children largely aged 7-16 in rural, suburban and urban settings. The film clubs will be run by one or two teachers or parents who in turn will recruit the pupils to attend the school film club. The pilots will involve weekly screenings of films in participating schools from a specially curated catalogue often followed by discussion.


  • Test new film club models and their potential as a European models
  • Develop a curated catalogue of films (including a substantial European choice)
  • Test licensing and distribution issues and solutions
  • Learn from and build on two current MEDIA supported studies on Showing Films in Schools and European IP issues
  • Evaluate the pilots to identify obstacles as well as educational, cultural and audience development impacts
  • Use the evidence from the pilots to inform and advocate for national investment decisions towards a roll out of the programme to a significant percentage of schools