Garance Asbl

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Partners with Future Worlds Center in JoinTheNet IV – Dissemination of material for education and training on health symptoms caused by violence (PTSD).

Garance Asbl
Location Brussels , Belgium

The NGO Garance Asbl focusses on everything that one can do before violence emerges – to prevent that it emerges. We tackle the risk factors that make certain population groups more vulnerable for violence, particularly women.

The goal of all our activities is to increase the agency of our participants, through the critical analysis of the social and political conditions that lead to violence and through the valorisation of their resources to stop assaults. Our approach is participative and aims at people’s autonomy and full respect of their human rights. To be able to examine and better understand the causes and consequences of violence, we carry out research, edit publications and share a novel thought : we can prevent violence and protect against it.

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