Georgia Nathanael

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With FWC 2008-2010
Jan 2014-present
Title Psychologist
Key Project(s) JoinTheNet - PTSD
Strengthening Asylum
Key Interests Clinical psychology, support for victims of torture
Degree(s) Psychology BSc, MS Clinical and Public Health Aspects of Addiction
Filed(s) of study Psychology
University(ies) National Kapodistreian University in Athens (1998-2003)
King’s College-University of London (2004-2005)

Georgia Nathanael has coordinated, as External Associate, together with Mary Ioannou the JoinTheNet - PTSD project, which was focused on the education of professionals dealing with this disorder through lectures and workshops. In 2014, she joined as Full-time Associate working on the Unit for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture and the Strengthening Asylum projects.

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Georgia participated in a number of projects including having being trained as SDDP Facilitator in the Local Authorities SDDP Facilitators Training School.

Georgia completed her Psychology Degree at the National Kapodistreian University in Athens (1998-2003) and then did a post graduate degree on Clinical and Public Health Aspects of Addiction at the King’s College-University of London (Psychiatric Institute, 2004-2005)