GlobaLab: Promoting Active Global Citizenship among Young Europeans

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The week-long International Youth Exchange GlobaLab: Promoting Active Global Citizenship among Young Europeans was funded by Erasmus+ and took place in Lithuania (in Jaskonys, Druskininkai municipality) between 27 of April to 4 May. The co-organizers of the exchange were Global Citizens’ Academy/GCA (Lithuania), C.E.G.A. Foundation (Bulgaria), ADEL (Slovakia) and Future Worlds Center (Cyprus). In total there were 32 participants, including 3 trainers.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the exchange was to inform the young participants on topics related to global citizenship, to reinforce active global citizenship among young people in Europe and to make them become promoters of fundamental values such as solidarity, tolerance, respect for diversity, equality, justice and peace. The exchange helped the participants to become aware of the realities of different communities in the context of globalization, to define their own role in a global society and to develop competencies necessary for contributing to sustainable changes not only in local communities but globally as well.

Methods Used

During the workshops, methods of non-formal learning were used and the participants used critical thinking, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking in order to explore their topics - such as the influences put upon global citizens from their environment, the distribution of wealth, as well as the role which is played by key actors (Governments, Citizens, NGOs and the Media) on basic issues of citizenship, along with their inter-connectivity.

Excursion Day

The excursion day took place on the 30rth of April when the participants visited Grutas Park and the town of Druskininkai. During the visit to the Grutas Park, the participants had the opportunity to see and explore the history of Lithuania during the Soviet period through many sculptures, exhibits and ideological relics from the times of the Lithuania SSR.