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[[Experts Meeting]]
[[Experts Meeting]]
[[International Workshop to share results]]
==Products and Publications created by GEGL==
==Products and Publications created by GEGL==

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Contract Title Global Education Goes Local
Contract Number CSO-LA/2017/388- 120
Funding Period 1/11/2017-31/10/2020
Funding Agency EuropeAid
Total Cost €1,479,126.00
Lead Partner C.E.G.A. Foundation (Bulgaria)
Partners Future Worlds Center (Cyprus)
Global Citizens’ Academy/GCA (Lithunia)
Institute for African Studies/IAS (Slovenia)
Cazalla Intercultural (Spain)
Suedwind Steiermark (Austria)
FWC coordinator(s) Helene Josephides
Website http://globalgoeslocal.cega.bg/

Global Education Goes Local is a 36-month, international project supported through the Non-state Actors and Local Authorities Development Programme of the European Union (EuropeAid). This project is being implemented in Cyprus by the Future Worlds Center, Bulgaria by the C.E.G.A. Foundation, Austria by Suedwind Steiermark, Lithuania by Global Citizens’ Academy/GCA, Slovenia by Institute for African Studies/IAS, and Spain by Cazalla Intercultural.

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Coordinator Helene Josephides

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Learning Action Processes (LAPs) 1st round


Experts Meeting International Workshop to share results

Products and Publications created by GEGL

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