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HasNa Inc.
Type US-Based non-profit
Legal status 501(c)3
Location Washington DC, USA
President Nevzer Stacy
Main organ Board of Directors
Website http://www.hasna.org

HasNa Inc. is a US based non profit organization whose mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding and economic empowerment in culturally divided areas of the world and to encourage individuals and communities in such areas to work together toward advancement and peaceful coexistence.

Over the years, HasNa has funded many of Future Worlds Center initiatives and projects including:

About HasNa

HasNa Inc. (HasNa) was established in Washington, D.C. in 1998 as a nonprofit (501)(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission of breaking cycles of conflict and reducing tensions between diverse groups of people who are separated culturally, ethnically or economically. HasNa brings people together through programs that combine job-skills and professional development with structured training in conflict resolution. HasNa’s programs target young adults of different backgrounds from areas where cycles of conflict and mistrust have hindered community cohesion. HasNa’s philosophy incorporates economic empowerment, individual growth and community support, and is committed to neutrality and fostering cooperation among groups. Programs are designed to improve employment skills and opportunities for young adults, and ultimately, create more integrated and effective organizations and communities. HasNa is a “people-to-people” organization – a large proportion of our funds come from charitable donations from diverse people who have a commitment to global peace and conflict resolution, and who believe in the power of the individual to affect positive change.

Important events sponsored by HasNa

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