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Heiner Benking
Heiner Benking

Heiner Benking [2]] is a strong supporter of structured dialogue and of Future Worlds Center. He has been collaborating with Aleco Christakis and many of the historic figures who have pioneered in the establishment of the science of dialogic design. He has attended the 3rd International SDDP Facilitators Training School, which he has promoted publishing articles, such as the Commentary about the 3rd International Training School for SDD. He has also written an article following an interview he has taken from Aleco Christakis during the school [1] and on earlier occasions to revisit the foundational phase of the Club of Rome (1968-1970) [2] Heiner served the International Peace University project in the early 90ies and helped to establish the Club of Budapest as its first editor and international co-ordinator, after invited as Creative Member. He worked with Robert Jungk in the early 90ies and established with Bob's collegue Rüdiger Lutz Future Lab in Basel. He presently serves in the Board of Positive Nett-Works, and IHTEC, and as secretary of the Council on Global Issues and the Tagore-Einstein-Council, he is in the founding board of the Youth-Leader magazine. [3]

Heiner's professional live can be roughly divided into four decades. In the 70ies: studies, globetrotting, surveyor, planner, 80ies: marketing, management and organisation consulting, market research, agementcomputer-graphics industry, raising children, environmental research and management, 90ies: Global Change research and communication, summits, UN-G7 Harmonisation, environmental NGO's, Foundations, Councils, think-tanking, ..., 00ies: EXPO 2000, future and technology studies, youth and media projects, Environmental Education and policy making, peace organisations, clubs, governance, facilitation, dialog and decision cultures, youth cross-media, independent journalist and science writer/curator, ... The above rough "epoches" have much overlap. Maybe check his user-page at Wikipedia for details. [4] and the Positive Nett-Works PNW member page: [5]

With respect to the Future Worlds Center this collection in the field of policy, think-tanks, future studies, capacity building, education and awareness, youth and media, communication and conferencing might be more substantive and focussed: Heiner Benking helped in the foundational phase since 1993 to establish nodes and a cypernode and represented the Millennium Project and worked with ExperConsult and technology think- tanks like the Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing (FAW) in Ulm, Germany and The Club of Budapest. He is a technician, engineer, planner, consultant, communicator and facilitator with an academic background in engineering, planning and other studies ranging from geophysics to philosophy and including regional and global modeling geo-ecology and geomorphology, and computer graphics programming. Benking has served as a consultant and facilitator, writer, curator, and organizer - maybe he is an in-betweener, gate-crasher, go-getter, and starter.

He began using maps and models 1970s as a surveyor and geophysicist in exploration and planning on a regional and national level. In the 1980s he explored the realms of mapping and modelling further by using drafting, visualization and management software. Benking participated in several global change related gatherings, exhibitions, and conferences from 1988-1995, in particular the 1990 Global Change exhibition where he helped design posters and exhibits, and has build is Cognitive Space called Rubik's Cube of Ecology to help share and negotiate "Pointers to Possibilities". [6]

In the past ten years Benking has focussed on education and policy-making. This has led to new forms of conferencing, dialogue and projects in knowledge organization, multi-lingual repositories, metaphors as interface projects, and culture navigation - defining reference rooms for library and museum information concepts. His activity areas range from Future studies to questions related to culture, cyberculture, creativity and cognition.

For more details pls visit Heiner's BLOG: [7], the 21stCenturyAgora jumppage [8], his OPEN-FORUM dialog formats jump-page [9], and his WIKIPEDIA User page (needs update !!): [10] and as recently retrieved (10/2011) quite incomplete publications as collected by Google Scholar: [11]. He updates in his e-mail Signature File "hot" links and recent papers: [12] recommended is the Youth Media portal Youth-Leader (http://youth-leader.org], the Anna-Lindh-Salon [13], and this TALK-COMMUNICATION video-clip http://vimeo.com/15945332 done for the Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin: [14] or this Video from Berlin Speakers' Corner the Brandenburg gate: [15], or the Slides and Interview at Nobel Peace Laureas gathering "breaking down new wall":[16] or at the Earthfocus Foundation in Geneva: [17]

Heiner nominated Yiannis Laouris (FWC) in 2010 for the Anna Lindh Award to Future Worlds Center. 2 years later Yiannis Laouris nominated [18] Heiner Benking (CV) http://benking.de/futures/CV-Benking-ALF-2012_SUBMITTED.pdf for the Anna Lindh Foundation EuroMed Dialogue Award 2012: Youth for Change, Social Justice and a Shared Development successfully, Heiner was "short-listed"... .

With respect to Democracy, Dialog, Governance, Media, Multi-Track Diplomacy and Peacemaking, and Participation these publications and presentations might be of interest:

Consultative http://www.consultative.de/ - Mediation Cookbook: Member of the Founding Steering Commitee (Lenkungskreis) which started in the early 90ies to develop proceedutes for deliberative and decisional support. Ein Verfahren zur optimalen Entscheidungsfindung durch die Kombination der Effizienz von Projektmanagement mit der Autorität der Judikative [19]

Expertise Virtual Conferencing [20] prepared for the Anna-Lindh Foundation evnts in Weimar and Bonn (ESD-UNESCO): [21]

Transcultural Dialog and Peace-Making - Roundtable learning from experience during the last 40 years and new ideas [22] for for UN ECOSOSC - AMR 2008 [23] and background-papers: [24] see also MediTERRA 2010 (Anna-Lindh-German Network Acirivity: MediTERRA - beyond Flight and Migration - Anna-Lindh-Foundation Network activity http://www.newciv.org/nl/newslog.php/_v396/__show_article/_a000396-000201.htm and: [events.open-forum.de]

DIALOGUE AMONG CIVILIZATIONS - Role of Culture in Dialogue among Civilizatios - Rolne of Culture in Dialogue among Civilizations - 2 Volumes, United Nations Conference Documentation, GLOBAL SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS [3]

Gesprächs- und Entscheidungskultur: Rundgespräche und Vereinbarungen als Elemente einer wünschenswerten, zukünftigen Zivilgesellschaft 8.3. Dialog und Lernen - The Unifying Aspects of Cultures TRANS - Studies on the Changing of the World [4]

Interview in EUROPEsWORLD with Alexander Christakis [5]

First Virtual Congress on World Citizenship and Democratic Global Governance - Discuss with leaders and members of world democracy movements. [6]

Alternatives for Marrying Lectures, Sessions, and Tracks with an Open Format Dialog Culture - Proposing additional Time-Credit-Based Dialogues (Open-Forum Magic Round-Tables) for intensive conversations at scientific, social, cultural, educational, or political events or gatherings [7]

Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society - Humboldt and Ritter, slides PDF [8]

GOVERNMENT 2.0 - Stammtisch 2.0 / 3.0 and I3: Ideas, Innovation, Inspiration (PDF) German [9]

OPEN GOVERNMENT: Liquid Living Democracy etc. - Open-Space Pitch PDF [10]

Collecting, Framing, Negotiating, and Connecting in Times of a GLocal “Problematique - A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO COPE WITH GLOBAL CHALLENGES - proceedings PDF [11] and the new report: A Social Systems Approach to Global Problems monograph: Strategic Articulation of Actions to Cope with the Huge Challenges of Our World [12]. [More]: [13]

GLOBAL RESEARCH AND SOCIAL INNOVATION: TRANSFORMING FUTURES - The WORLD FUTURES STUDIES FEDERATION 40th something for a Special & GLocal Interests Group (SIG vs.GIG) http://www.newciv.org/nl/newslog.php/_v396/__show_article/_a000396-000237.htm

Workshop Space 1 - OPEN FORUM - OPEN SPACE, BENKING Heiner (FWC) will call-in invited and surprise participants.

COLLABORATIVE FUTURES CREATION - Collecting, Mapping&Framing, Negotiating & Connecting for CoCreation and CoLaboration. maybe also check some more, primarily hard-cover publictions: [14] see also: Strategic Articulation of Actions to Cope with the Huge Challenges or Our World - A Platform for Reflection. as published in this series as Volume One. A SOCIAL SYSTEMS APPROACH FOR GLOBAL PROBLEMS, 21st Century Agoras Monograph Series. I have written a little invited comment: A Mission Impossible or The Needed Critical Piece of the Puzzle?


and this video: Heiner Benking, Open-Forum @ Berlin Speakers' Corner

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