Hellenic Open University

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Hellenic Open University
Abbreviation HOU
Type University
Location Greece
Website http://www.eap.gr/

Hellenic Open University (HOU) is the sole Greek State University that provides distance education in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. HOU consists of 4 Schools: Sciences & Technology, Humanities, Social Sciences, Applied Arts and offers 6 B.Sc. and 26 M.Sc. programmes, currently being attended by 30,000 students. HOU pioneers new educational methods which are wholly based on the principles of distance education and offers innovative programmes of study, offering opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate study to wider social groups of the population, thereby making continuing education and lifelong learning possible for all. The promotion of scientific knowledge is made possible by means of Distance Learning methodology (DL) which is facilitated through Information and Communication Technologies and the production of appropriately developed materials.

Software Quality Research Group (SQRG) of Hellenic Open University has vast experience in the applied research on Software Quality Assessment and Metrics and in particular on Educational Software Quality, using PLEs and Learning Analytics. Moreover, SQRG specializes in the development of Web 2.0 e-Learning environments, Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) and Augmented Reality tools, as well as immersive environments that include 3D Virtual Worlds which apply the principles of active and experiential learning on subjects that are impossible, unsafe or inefficient to be addressed through conventional educational methods. The Software Quality Research Group consists of 15 active members and many associates, including undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers coming from the research fields of Human-Computer Interaction, e-Learning, Augmented Reality, 3D Immersive Environments.

e-Hoop Partner

HOU will be involved in the following project activities:
1. specification and design of the learning object model (LOM) to be adopted
2. specification, design and development of a database that will host a) the learning objects that will be developed during the project, b) student profiles
3. Specification, design and development of a www-based learning content delivery mechanism (the "sequencer").

HOU will assist in the preparation of the scientific grounding and literature review documents for the platform. HOU will also assist FC in the internal evaluation of the software as they are pioneers in software evaluation. Finally, HOU will contribute to the dissemination of the project and exploitation.

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