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INDICO, International institute for the development of innovation, knowledge and competences
Location Zaragoza Spain

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Partners with Future Worlds Center in E-com4S2P

INDICO is an international agency for knowledge and innovation in vocational training for persons and organisations. We are a non profit organisation for project management, transfer of the project results, and implementation in projects for innovation in knowledge development using new technologies applications. We are acknowledged by public institutions like the regional government and office of employment a training provider. Our aims are manage and promote innovative and creative projects in different sectors, improve personal skills and competences and promote the real and the virtual mobility, organise international meetings. Also INDICO offers a variety of more than a hundred on-line courses in different professional areas, from management and administration, ICT, Hotel and Hospitality Management and many other professional areas. The virtual classroom displays an innovative method of learning where most of the courses are guided by a tutor. INDICO has currently participated in European education projects since the year 1996 where it has gained experience as designer of project proposals, coordinator and partner. Most of the transnational experience is focussed on didactic innovation in materials and methodologies as well as in the leading edge of technical innovation.

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