Jackie Zerbe

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Jackie Zerbe
Jackie Zerbe
With FWC February 2015 to Present
Key Project(s) Strengthening Asylum
Degree(s) Social Work
Filed(s) of study to be..
Notable Achievements to be..

Jackie Zerbe joined the Humanitarian Affairs Unit team of Future Worlds Center as a summer intern in May 2016. She assists with administration tasks in the unit, along with preparation for the World Refugee Day Street Festival 2016.

Short Bio

Jackie is a student at Indiana University and is pursuing her degree in Social Work while additionally studying sociology and psychology. Her experience interning at a law firm and Court Clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio assisted in shaping her interest in the intersection of the legal field with counseling and psychology. While in Nicosia, Jackie has been volunteering with Cans for Kids on the weekends. She hopes to learn more about the asylum procedure in Cyprus during her time at Future Worlds Center.