Journalism for Peace

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Formal Project Description
Contract Title Journalism for Peace
Project Acronym Young Journalists
Donor HasNa Inc.
Lead Partner Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute
Link to the Call
Partners Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute
Youth Centre
Countries of the action Cyprus (both south and north); USA (Washington DC)
Cost of Action $26,750.00
Grant $26,750.00
Cost for FWC $26,750.00
Grant for FWC $26,750.00
Dates 01/06/2002 - 31/05/2003

Short Description Fellowships for 10 young journalists
Main Page link this to the main page of the project
About Project Young Journalists Project
Overall objective(s)
To promote peace and reconciliation activities in Cyprus through the introduction and initiation of a series of specific collaborative projects for young Turkish and Greek Cypriots living in the Southern and Northern part of the island.
Specific objective(s)
  1. Setting up a Communal Office to coordinate activities across the Green Line, promote the specific proposed projects by Cypriots in the South and North, and provide needed staff and logistical support to these professionals in developing, implementing and evaluating projects. One Greek Cypriot coordinator will staff the Office.
  2. Formation of a Bi-communal Advisory Board that will work together, with equal Turkish and Greek representation, to supervise projects and provide guidance
  3. Establishing a series of training programs in conflict resolution and professional skills for young adults, with equal representation from both Turkish and Greek communities, with the ultimate goal of instituting joint projects.
  4. Working together with the scholars for a period of 1 year supporting them in their bicommunal meetings.
  5. Organization of a journalists' peace conference.