Jugend bewegt Europa

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Jugend Bewegt Europa
Type non governmental, independent of institutions and political parties, and not for profit organisation.
Legal status 2002
Location Berlin ,Mitte
Website JBE

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in UCYVROK - Uniting for Citizenship and Participation

JBE - was established in order to contribute to the formation of a common European identity. JBE was founded in 2002 in Berlin by 7 students.Now it has about 50 members,mainly students. The association is a forum for projects which revolve around the integration of Europe.Some of their projects are, Youth Meetings where young people from different countries come together and learn something about recent European topics. The first youth meeting called “Warszawa–Berlin–Bruxelles” took place in May 2002. The initiators wanted to take up the subject of the fears and expectations of young people regarding the enlargement of the European Union. Polish and German students became familiar with Warsaw, Berlin and Brussels, visited political institutions, met with political representatives and debated in workshops about the enlargement of the European Union. Another Youth Meetings took place during one week in August 2005. Twenty-four young people from Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany posed questions about the meaning of borders between the old and the new EU members.This year JBE organise a 7-day meeting in Berlin about the problems of democracy in Belarus. This will take place at the end of July. In October there will be a project about the history of secret services in Poland and German.

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