Julia Wahl

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Julia Anne Wahl
Julia Anne Wahl
With FWC 1/9/2006 - 30/11/2006
Title Visiting Scientist

Ms. Julia Anne Wahl is a psychologist who has spent a semester at the New Media Lab as an exchange student in a collaboration with Prof. Peter Gerjets.

Short bio

Ms. Julia Anne Wahl has a degree in Psychology. She was a research assistant at the Knowledge Management Research Center (KMRC) in Tuebingen, Germany. She was with CNTI between September 1st and November 30th,2006. Her activities included working in a project, which runs under the title “multimedia-based learning programs for children with dyslexia”. It consists of a series of studies using a specially designed multimedia-learning environment. With respect to theoretical approaches and empirical findings in the field of multimedia learning and dyslexia its main goal is to develop educational software adequate for dyslexic children that will enhance their learning outcome.