Knowledge Media Research Center

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The Knowledge Media Research Centre - IWM-KMRC is Germany’s leading research institution for the investigation of knowledge acquisition and knowledge exchange with new educational and communication media in individual and cooperative contexts. It is now becoming a distinguished international institution in the field of media-based learning.

Knowledge Media Research Center
Formation 2001
Type Research Institute
Location Tuebingen, Germany
Leader Prof. Peter Gerjets
Parent organization Tuebingen University

IWM-KMRC has had a number of join projects and collaboration with the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute. For example the Resource-Adaptive Design of Visualizations for Supporting the Comprehension of Complex Dynamics in the Natural Sciences project's basic idea was that a successful knowledge acquisition with dynamic visualizations is a resource intensive process which requires simultaneous and optimized availability of different learning resources.

The research focuses on individual learning in multimedia and hypermedia environments with main topics being issues of learner control, adaptive user strategies, learning with dynamic visualizations, designing multimedia learning environments and supporting different learners’ competences to use such environments.

KMRC conducts sustainable research in the field of media-based learning and teaching approaches not only is in need of excellent basic research, but also of cooperation with practitioners. The KMRC tries to build such a bridge between basic research and applied science by working together with schools, universities, museums, and the industry. The institute realizes pilot studies whose suitability for practitioners is proven in cooperation with external partners.

The KMRC's research makes a strong contribution to meeting current challenges in the educational sector. For the higher education sector, such a task for instance is to implement the guidelines of the Bologna-process.