Lisa Tambourini

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Lisa Tambourini
Lisa Tambourini
Period at FWC to be..
Field of Study Economics, Fine Arts
Sending University Gonzaga University (USA)
Sending Professor to be..
Local Mentor to be..
Involvement at FWC Project with the European Commission
Achievements to be..

Lisa Tambourini was an intern at Future Worlds Center as part of a project with the European Commission, in association with the Italian Department of Civil Service, focusing on the rights of conscientious objectors in Europe. She speaks five languages and has volunteer and research field experience in Europe, America, the Caribbean, as well as Africa."


Lisa Tamburini holds a BA in Economics as well as in Fine Arts from Gonzaga University (USA). She also holds an MA in International Development: Poverty, Conflict and Reconstruction from the University of Manchester, where she conducted research on primary education as a poverty reduction strategy in the inner city neighbourhoods of Kingston, Jamaica. After her wedding her name changed to Lisa Morales Mujica