Luciano Floridi

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Luciano Floridi is Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at the Uni- versity of Oxford, Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, and Fel- low of St Cross College, Oxford. Among his recognitions, he was the UNESCO Chair in Information and Computer Ethics, Gauss Professor of the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen, and is recipient of the APA’s Barwise Prize, the IACAP’s Covey Award, and the INSEIT’s Weizenbaum Award. He is an AISB and BCS Fel- low, and Editor in Chief of Philosophy & Technology and of the Synthese Library. He was Chairman of EU Commission’s “Onlife Initiative”. His most recent books are: The Ethics of Information (OUP, 2013), The Philosophy of Information (OUP, 2011), The Cambridge Handbook of Information and Computer Ethics (editor, CUP, 2010), and Information: A Very Short Introduction (OUP, 2010).