Make Fruit Fair!

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Contract Title Make Fruit Fair! A boost for Fair Tropical Fruits in the 2015 European Year of Development and beyond: Mobilizing European citizen to take action for fair tropical fruit supply chains
Funding Agency EuropeAid
Partners Future Worlds Center, (CY), Asociația Mai Bine, (RO), BanaFair, (DE), Banana Link (GB), Ekumenicka akademie Praha (CZ), Fair Trade Advocacy Office (BE), finep (DE), Fundacja Kupuj Odpowiedzialnie (PL), GVC - Gruppo di Volontariato Civile (IT), Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr (PT), Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust (MT), Peuples Solidaires (FR), Südwind Agentur (AU), Tudatos Vásárlók Közhasznú Egyesülete (HU), Zaļā brīvība (LV) Fako Agricultural Workers Union (CM), Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Industria Agropecuaria (CO), Unión Regional de Organizaciones Campesinas del Litoral (EC), The Windward Islands Farmers Association (VC).

Make Fruit Fair! (MFF) is a pan-European awareness raising and advocacy campaign that targets 23 million EU consumers and citizens in at least 20 EU countries. It aims to raise a critical understanding of the global interdependencies between the EU grocery market and the poor living and working conditions of farmers and workers in countries producing tropical fruits. Thus, the project activities mobilize European citizens to take action by encouraging them to change their consumption patterns and to get engaged in campaigning and advocacy work urging corporate and political decision makers to commit to better living standards, decent work and fair trade relations for farmers and workers in fruit producing countries.

The implementation of these activities will be conducted in 12 European countries via MFF consortium members and in 8 selected EU-member states via financially supported third parties. In addition, the project has four Southern partners and is thereby able to build a bridge between the agricultural sector in fruit producing countries of the Global South and trade and consumption patterns in the EU.

Background Information

The tropical fruit market is a prime example of our globalized, interdependent world: Each EU citizen eats about 12 kilos of bananas a year. In 2012 the EU banana retail market alone had a volume of 7 billion Euros. Due to unequal distribution of power and wealth within global supply chains, farmers and workers in the tropical fruit sector do not get their fair share of profits. Besides, they are facing severe violations of labour and human rights as for example the prohibition of trade unions, unpaid overtime and the exposure to toxic chemicals.

Overall Objective

  • to contribute to more coherent and sustainable development policies of the EU, its Member States and the private sector integrating human rights, decent work and trade.
  • to ensure better living and working conditions for small farmers and workers in the tropical fruit sector.

The action contributes to establishing the post-MDG agenda aiming at providing a Decent Life for All by 2030.

Specific Objectives

  • to raise the awareness of consumers and citizens in European Member States on the interdependencies between the EU and developing countries exporting tropical fruits
  • to mobilise them to take action and urge corporate and political decision makers to ensure fair conditions in the tropical fruit sector.

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