Marios Kyriazis

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Marios Kyriazis
Marios Kyriazis
Service type N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees
Current Post ELPIs Foundation for Indefinite Lifespans
Degree(s) Medical Doctor/Gerontology
Field(s) of Study Geriatrics, Gerontology
University(ies) University of Rome(Medical Degree)
University of London (Gerontology)
Royal College of Physicians of London (Geriatrics)
Specialization(s) systems and complexity science
Notable Achievements New theory about indefinite lifespans

Dr. Marios Kyriazis is a famous Cypriot medical doctor and gerontologist who proposed new concepts of anti-aging with worldwide successes. He is mostly known for his theory and publications in the field of human biological immortality and activities in the transhumanist movement that aims to abolish involuntary death by aging. He is the Founder and President of ELPIs Foundation for Indefinite Lifespans and Founder of the first Medical Museum in Larnaca[1], Cyprus. Yiannis Laouris of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute serves as Member of the Advisory Scientific Committee for the ELPIs Foundation for Indefinite Lifespans.

Kyriazis qualified as a medical doctor at the University of Rome, and then trained in hospital posts in Cyprus and the UK. He has postgraduate qualifications in Gerontology from the University of London, and in Geriatrics, from the Royal College of Physicians of London. During a career in aging and gerontology spanning 25 years, Kyriazis has published over 800 papers, books or articles, both scientific and lay.

A world-view shared by Dr Kyriazis is that age-related degeneration and disease should be given more priority and dealt with more comprehensively than currently. We should study the process of aging not just from a reductionist biological point of view, but consider it as a fundamental process, based on evolution, thermodynamics and information. He employs concepts from complexity theory, systems theory, human evolution, cybernetics, hyperconnectivity, technological singularity and systems biology in this respect.

Dr. Kyriazis is a member of the N.E.T.S Board of Trustees. He is also member of several academic editorial advisory boards and has organised international scientific meetings and conferences. Together with Yiannis Laouris, is a co-organiser of the first Cyprus Symposium Pathways to indefinite lifespan and the The Second Cyprus Symposium 'Pathways to Indefinite Lifespans', a yearly meeting of minds aiming to abolish aging.

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