Mary Olin

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write the Intern's name
write the Intern's name
Period at FWC Oct. 3, 2006 –– Nov. 21, 2006
Field of Study Conflict Resolution.
Sending University Portland State University
Sending Professor Dr. Harry Anastasiou
Local Mentor to be..
Involvement at FWC Contibuting on Projects
Achievements to be..

Mary was an intern from Portland State University (PSU) between Oct. 3, 2006 –– Nov. 21, 2006. During this period she fulfilled her 300-hour practicum requirement for the Masters degree in Conflict Resolution. Her time was spent in and out of the office working on the collaborative project between CNTI and PSU, several conferences, planned events with Cypriots, such as meetings, dinners, coffee, and a YEP (Youth Encounters of Peace) event. Each contact was helpful in understanding the situation in Cyprus through the eyes of Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Both the interaction in the office and out of the office with Cypriots was instrumental for her achieving a better understanding of why the situation in Cyprus is more complex than it may appear to an outsider. While at CNTI, Mrs. Mary Olin worked also in developing a document to guide students' future research projects at CNTI, which focus on documenting and evaluating the work of peace pioneers in Cyprus during the decade of 1994-2004.