Michael Melia

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Michael Melia
Michael Melia
Period at FWC Jul 2011 -Sep 2011
Field of Study to be..
Sending University to be..
Sending Professor to be..
Local Mentor Tatjana Taraszow
Involvement at FWC MobLang
Achievements to be..


Melia is a UK student with a background in anthropology currently researching communications processes through digital technologies and social media networks. He focuses on the effectiveness of design, imagery and language to 'put people on the same page' about a brand, about an idea and about a future.


Michael Melia worked on MobLang, a European Commission funded project that applies mobile assisted language learning (MALL) to support minority and/or less-frequently used and less-taught European minority languages. The aim is to promote intercultural dialogue especially in former European conflict regions through the promotion of linguistic diversity. Michael was focused on several key aspects of the project. Helping with the user interface and audio development, he assembled and completed multimedia dimensions of the Greek-Turkish language program. He also worked on internal auditing with a financial team in CNTI to finalise a set of financial statements. He demonstrated proficiency at excel, worked well independently when required, and collaborated with the team to successfully evaluate requisite documents.