National School for Leadership in Education

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National School for Leadership in Education
Abbreviation NSLE
Location Slovenia

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in SteLLLa project.

National School for Leadership in Education (Šola za ravnatelje) is a public institution, established by the government of the Republic of Slovenia in 2005. NSLE employs 10 fulltime staff and several external experts and has over 5.000 participants (sheadteachers and other professionals working in the field of education) per year. Main activities:

  • Headship licence programme / Networks of Learning Schools
  • Mentoring programme for newly appointed Headteachers
  • Projects (national and international)
  • Conferences (national and international)
  • Publishing

Since 2004/05 we are running online courses in the framework of Headship licence programme (using open coded learning environment Moodle).

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