Past Members of the Board

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The personalities listed have served in the Board.

For up-to-date information visit the page Current Members of the Board.

Name Type Affiliations Term
Bishop Chrysostomos Ex-offcicio Bishop of Paphos,

Currently Archbishop of Cyprus

Dr. Chrysostomos Sofianos Board Member Past Minister of Education and Culture 1992-1999
Mr. Daniel Hadjittofis Board Member Executive Director, Fulbright 1994-2001
Mr. Pantelis Makris Board Member Past School Supervisor in Special Education 1994-2001
Mrs. Katie Clerides Board Member Member of the Parliament

Member of Peace Steering Committee

Prof. Dr. sc. med. Habil. Peter Schwartze Ex-officio and Advisory Board Member Prof. emeritus and Director of Carl-Ludwig Institute

of Physiology, Leipzig, Germany

Dr. Joulietta Kalli-Laouri Board Member MD, PhD, Child- and Adolescence Psychiatrist 2001-2006
Dr. Chris Laouris Ex – officio & Board Member PhD in Education, Ex-District School Inspector 1997-2006
Dr. Nikleia Eteokleous Board Member PhD, in Educational Leadership, Assistant to the

Head of Research and Development, P.A. College
Currently Ass. Prof Education Frederick University

Mrs. Xenia Constantinou Secretary M.A. in Political Science & International Relations,

Advisor for EU Programs at the Univ. of Cyprus
Vice-President of the European Youth Forum and
Chair of the European Steering Committee for Structured Dialogue

Prof Aleco Christakis Board Member Systems scientist, Co-founder of the science of dialogic design 2002-2007
Dr Yiannis Laouris Chair Neurophysiologist and systems scientist 1992 2008
Prof Aleco Christakis Chair Systems scientist, Co-founder of the science of dialogic design 2008-2015
Dr Yiannis Laouris Board Member Neurophysiologist and systems scientist 2008-2016
Prof Harry Anastasiou Board Member Professor of Peace and Conflict Resolution studies 2002-2021