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Prof. Patrick Roe chaired the COST219ter Action in which Yiannis Laouris was Cyprus National Representative. He also served as Project Coordinator for CARDIAC, a project that to a great extent relied on CNTI's Structured Dialogic Design Process methodology.

Dr. Roe received a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1986 from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL). He went on to be employed at the EPFL in the Electromagnetics and Acoustics Laboratory (LEMA) where he has worked as a senior researcher on several European projects including the three COST219 Actions, ending up as Chairman of the COST 219ter Action “Accessibility for All to Services and Terminals for Next Generation Networks”. Within the framework of this Action, he has been the main editor of several publications and books, the most recent of which is entitled “Towards an inclusive future – Impact and wider potential of information and communication technologies”.

Dr. Roe is a member of the N.E.T.S. Board of Trustees.

Laouris and Roe published a number of articles together, including:

  • Roe, P., Gill, J., Allen, B., Boyle, B., Heck., H., Siitta, G., Laouris, Y. (2011). Towards a technology transfer roadmap from the Coordination Action in R&D in Accessible and Assistive ICT (CARDIAC). Technology and Disability 23, 171–181 DOI 10.3233/TAD-2011-0325.
  • Laouris, Y., Siita, G, Roe, P., Emiliani, P-L., Christakis, A. (2011). Virtual Structured Dialogic Design as Tool for Analysis of Threats before Implementing European Dialogues Aiming to Identify R&D Gaps in Assistive ICT. In C. Stephanidis (Ed.): Universal Access in HCI, Part I, HCII 2011, LNCS 6765, pp. 492–497, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
  • Laouris, Y., Roe, P., Emiliani P-L. (2010). A systemic evaluation of actions that the COST219ter community can take to alleviate the obstacles that prevent the development of practical applications. Universal Access in the Information Society (submitted)
  • Laouris, Y., Roe P. (2011). The application of the science of dialogic design in supporting EU’s 7th Framework Program identify R&D gaps and emerging trends in accessible and assistive ICT and generating a research agenda roadmap. 5th international conference of the Hellenic Society of systems sciences, Proceedings pg. 23, Pireus 5-8 May, 2011

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