Peter Schwartze

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Peter Schwartze
Peter Schwartze
Years of service 1992 - 2000
Service type Past Board Member
Previous Key Posts Head of Carl-Ludwig Institute of Physiology
Degree(s) MD, PhD, Dr. sc.
Field(s) of Study Neurophysiology
University(ies) Karl-Marx University, Leipzig
Specialization(s) Vestibular Apparatus
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Prof (emeritus) Peter Schwartze served as Member of the Board between 1991 and 1999. He was Yiannis Laouris PhD Advisor.

Prof Schwartze visited Cyprus and the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute many times. For the first time, he visited for the Symposium Perspectives in Motor Control in 1989. In 1995, he participated in one of the first ever video conferences that Cyprus organised: The Cyprus Russia Video Conference 1995 connected Cypriots with Russian scientists. In 2000 he visited again and advised on a major transformation of the Institute, which led to its evolution as Future Worlds Center and almost 15 years later the establishment of N.E.T.S..