Piraeus 2010 SDDP Training Seminar

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Pireaus 2010 SDDP Training Seminar
Pireaus 2010 SDDP Training Seminar
Project SDDP Facilitators Training School
Place Amphitheater of Conferences, University of Piraeus
Date(s) 19 - 20 Feb 2010
Type of participants Students of the CSAP Program
Number of participants xx
Total Duration 2 Days (12 hrs)
Link(s) Link(s) to press release(s)

The 2-day Seminar for the Structured Dialogic Design (SDD) Process took place in Piraeus, Greece between Friday 19th February 2010 (16:00 - 22:00) and Saturday 20th February 2010 (11:00 - 17:00). It was co-organized by Future Worlds Center and the Institute for 21st Century Agoras.

Focus of the school

It focused on the theoretical foundations of the science and included the Game, which enabled participants to re- discover the science. The Learning Goals have been defined as follows:


The following experts were engaged in the


The Training School was organized by Prof. Nikitas Assimakopoulos in coordination with Yiannis Laouris and Aleco Christakis. The School took place at the premises of the University of Piraeus.


The Piraeus 2010 school was organized in the context of the CSAP program. The Training School committed to offer backdated (whenever the Scheme is completed) 1 credit towards the professional SDD Certification Scheme. The following individuals participated:

Name Affiliation Expertise Country
Aleco Christakis Institute for 21st Century Agoras and Future Worlds Center Senior SDD Expert USA
Yiannis Laouris Future Worlds Center and Institute for 21st Century Agoras Senior SDD Expert Cyprus
Nikitas Assimakopoulos CSAP, University of Pireaus Academician, Systems Expert Greece
Theofanis Giotis CSAP student Consultant, PhD Candidate Greece
Lawrence Kalogreades Future Worlds Center Psychologis, Helpline Coordinator Cyprus
Antonis Loizou Future Worlds Center Programmer/Analyst Hotline Coordinator Cyprus