Policy: Minimum ICT Skills at FWC

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This section summarizes the basic and minimum skills required by anyone associated with Future Worlds Center. An intern should acquire these skills as part of his/her training at the organization. For an Associate the same skills are considered as necessary and expected requirement. No one should be given full- or almost full-time status without explicit testing of competence in these skills. An Intern may be considered as having an advanced status in terms of priority to join a paid role in the organization if s/he has good command of these skills.

Basic knowledge about Future Worlds Center

General Technical Skills

Using Word Processors

  • Google Docs, WORD and Open Office
  • Inserting images
  • Table of Contents, page numbers, etc
  • Mail merging

File naming

  • Knows the rules for naming files: Project name, Type of file and File related data _YEAR_MO_DATE and optional TIME, INITIALS
  • Knows the rules for saving and archiving files: Shared and project related spaces in Dropbox, Google Drive

Future Worlds – pedia

  • Has an account
  • Has edited at least 100 pages
  • Knows the syntax for embedding and aligning images and has done at least 5
  • Renamed at least 2 articles
  • Has created independently at least 15 normal length pages

Websites (Joomla CMS)

  • Has an account
  • Knows how to add new articles
  • Knows how to edit articles
  • Knows how to upload images and documents


  • Knows how to answer the telephone and how to transfer calls
  • Knows where to find and how to use the extensions of various associates/desk locations
  • Knows how to take and forward messages for different people
  • Knows the working hours and customs of different peoples and different units


  • Has an account
  • Knows how to add new peoples
  • Knows how to create conversation
  • Knows how to create conversation group
  • Knows how to create voice and video calls
  • Knows how to send and receive files


  • Can login in the different email systems (cnti.org.cy, futureworldscenter.org etc.), use and organize emails
  • Knows how to use the associates’ lists and to create lists for new groups/projects


  • Knows how and actually uses the organizational calendars
  • Knows who, how and when we create new calendars
  • Knows how to create new events in the correct calendars (important to fill-in all necessary information for others to fully understand what the event is about, the where, when and who)
  • Knows how to send reminders and messages to people expected to participate in an event

Task Manager

  • Trello
  • Knows (and is actually using extensively) how to use the task manager, how to make milestones, tasks, create folders, upload files and discuss issues

Picassa Albums

  • Knows the rules of uploading event images in Picassa
  • Knows the procedures to upload and to share albums in Picassa

Special Technical Skills

Page layout

  • Can use layout programs such as Indesign to prepare professional looking booklets

Using Graphical Programs

  • Has basic knowledge of Photoshop and Smartdraw (must have actually created/edited at least 20 images)
  • Can process (e.g., resize, export for the web, enlarge canvas and add more graphics) images in Photoshop
  • Can create SDDP Trees and Clusters (has created at least 10 and has knowledge of the coloring schemes)

Using Cogniscope, Concertina, IdeaPrism

  • Knows how to use the software during an SDDP co-Laboratory; has participated as Ideaprism/Cogniscope co-Facilitator
  • Knows how to open existing files and print Reports both on paper and as PDF files (has done it for at least 2 projects)
  • Knows how to install a trial version of Cogniscope on another computer

Using iMovie

  • Knows the rules for naming files
  • Knows the rules for saving and archiving files
  • Can edit raw clips, create projects and upload on Youtube (has don at least 100 clips)
  • Can add subtitles and transitions (has done for at least 50 clips).