Policy: Signing a Letter of Invitation and a Gentlemen's Agreement

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Future Worlds Center expects associates and interns to understand and appreciate the details of the agreements they make with the Organization. Therefore, every individual associated with our organization should be formally invited by a senior member using a Letter of Invitation and the details of the agreement should be documented in a Gentlemen's Agreement These documents should be renewed whenever the terms change and/or at the beginning of every year. .

The Letter of Invitation must include the following text:

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood Future Worlds Center's Policies and Procedures. While using the Future Worlds Center's physical, as well as virtual spaces, and while participating in Future Worlds Center's projects and activities, I will act responsibly according to the guidelines elaborated in the Policies and Procedures, and I will behave in accordance with the philosophy and mission of the Organization.

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The Gentlemen's Agreement must include the following:

In sum, as members of a visionary, high-performance and socially responsible team, associates recognize that they belong in a privileged community, which shares social and scientific values, opens new opportunities, creates and channels new business ideas and carriers opportunities as related to their field of interest. Every associate has the responsibility of informing other associates and the Institute’s board on new opportunities for personal and institutional development that might come to their attention.
By signing this “Letter of Acceptance”, the signer declares that her/his complete agreement with the above.

  • Dates of agreement
  • Name of Supervisor
  • Minimum guaranteed benefits
  • All text from general agreements

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