Policy: Using virtual infrastructure

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Future Worlds Center enjoys an extensive and professional virtual infrastructure.

The use of Future Worlds Center's virtual infrastructure is obligatory.

All Associates are expected to capitalize and benefit from our virtual infrastructure. This includes:

  • Mail servers
  • Web servers
  • Sms server
  • Task manager: its obligatory. It’s a way of communication between the coordinators and the project team in order to exchange ideas, timing tasks etc
  • On line calendars: our organization has its own calendar and this is obligatory for everybody. Each person should be responsible to publish in CNTI calendar the following:
    off days,
    working from home,
    usage of the conference room and the reason.
    Please use the calendar very carefully because is sensitive and you can easily delete things from there.
  • On line Time sheet system: every associate shall record his/her hours spent on every project/project task for approval. Please refer to working contract policy.