Procedure: Preparing financial reports

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Every report and deliverable produced by Future Worlds Center must adhere to the highest standards of quality including financial reports as well. To produce it according to professional standards, please ensure the following procedures:

  • Comply with the deadline of reporting stated in the Grant Agreement of the project;
  • Contact the Future Worlds Center Financial Unit in advance to have assistance for the reporting;
  • The Financial Officer will provide a list of expenditure and income of the project extracted from the accounting system;
  • The financial report should include exactly the same information provided by the Financial Unit;
  • Once the financial report is ready, send it for approval to the Financial Unit;
  • In case of deviation a meeting shall be arranged with the Financial Director to correct the discrepancies;
  • After the approval, copy all the supporting documents relate to the report and file it to the legal folder of the project. All copies should be filed even if sending the supporting documents is not required by the Grant Agreement.