Procedure to certify as Candidate SDD co-Facilitator

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Any student or practitioner may apply to become Candidate SDD co-Facilitator when the following conditions are met:

  1. Has accumulated 10 credit units, in accordance with the SDD Credit Point System recognized by the SDD Certification Body.
  2. Has taken part as participant in at least 2 full-scale Co-Laboratories.
  3. Has completed the theoretical background training, as validated by a test or a Certified SDD Trainer of Facilitators.
  4. Has registered for apprenticeship for a period of one year under the mentoring of a Certified SDD Facilitator or an SDD Senior International Expert.
  5. Has paid the application Fee: € 50 (not refundable in case application is not approved by the Committee).
  6. Has paid the Membership Fee: € 100 (for yearly membership).