SDD Certification Scheme

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The SDD Certification Scheme has been developed by Future Worlds Center in collaboration with the Institute for 21st Century Agoras. Its key aim to assist aspiring SDD Facilitators go through an authentic training path that includes all necessary phases between planning and organising a Structured Dialogic Design Process to reporting its results and in some cases also publishing in scientific journals. Various training programs organised by organisations across the world include helping existing and aspiring facilitators learn the theory, assume the different roles, organise Co-Laboratories, and eventually be certified to lead. The scheme foresees that candidates work through a number of real-world Co-Laboratory applications and the design of sessions. It also includes mentoring practice, an internship or apprenticeship and networking with the international community of scientists and practitioners.

The scheme is in the process of registering its Policies and Procedures with the ISO 17024 International Standard.

Credits are earned in accordance with the SDD Credit Point System.

Certificates for SDD Training or Participation in Design Team are issued by the Trainers.

Levels of Certification

The certification scheme comprises of five levels as follows:

The Certification is interesting for the List of people who served as SDDP (co-) Facilitators or participated in SDDP Schools.

Certificates for SDD Training or Participation in Design Team must be obtained.


The requirements of the scheme depend on the role for which one wishes to become certified. They include:

  • Having a Mentor (or Mentors) throughout the process; For advanced roles a candidate must have served as a Mentor;
  • Master the theory in SDD Readings and passed the SDD Theoretical Examination;
  • Accumulating training credit units as described in the SDD Credit Point System recognized by the SDD Certification Body; Advanced roles require advanced training and/or serving as a Trainer;
  • Taking part in a number of simulations of Co-Laboratories to internalise the principles of SDD;
  • Taking part as participant in a minimum number of full scale SDDPs;
  • Completing the theoretical background training as certified by an SDD Theoretical Examination;
  • Having organized and facilitated or co-facilitated a defined number of SDDPs;
  • Having acted as Broker for a defined number of SDDPs;
  • Having served as member of a Knowledge Management Team for a defined number of SDDPs;
  • Having received the Cogniscope training from an authorised agent or an SDD Facilitators Training School;
  • Having obtained a license to use the Cogniscope Software;
  • Having prepared a defined number of SDDP reports, which have been submitted to the SDD Certification Body for comments and approval;
  • Having prepared a defined number of scientific publications, which have been submitted to peered reviewed journals;
  • Having being registered for an apprenticeship for a period of at least one year under the mentoring of a Certified SDD Facilitator;
  • Paying a fee.

The SDD Certification Scheme is implemented by the SDD Certification Body through SDD Certification Policies and SDD Certification Procedures.