Savia Christou

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Savia Christou
Savia Christou
With FWC June 2013 - Present
Title Software Developer
Degree(s) MSc


Filed(s) of study Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Computer Science

University(ies) Bournemouth University

University of Cyprus

Mrs. Savia Christou joined the Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute in June 2013, as a member of the IT Team. Her main task is programming and upgrading a newer version of the Cogniscope 2 for multiple platforms. Her responsibilities also include development and maintenance of websites of the organization. Savia also works at Ekkotek, she is programming a series of educational games and apps for mobile devices. The apps are designed to support students in learning, to assess their knowledge on a specific subject, and to help them prepare for their exams.

Short Bio

Mrs. Savia Christou holds a BSc on Computer Science from University of Cyprus (2011) and an MSc on Computer Animation and Visual Effects from University of Bournemouth (2012). She has extensive knowledge on a lot of programming languages including C, C++ and java.


Master thesis: “Cops Vs Thieves Simulation”

Dissertation: “3d Representation of the old aqueducts of Nicosia”