Serge Gawbene Buthendwa

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Serge Gawbene Buthendwa
Serge Gawbene Buthendwa
Period at FWC 2008-2009
Field of Study International Conflict Resolution
Sending University to be..
Sending Professor to be..
Local Mentor Kerstin Wittig
Involvement at FWC to be..
Achievements To be ..

For a detailed curriculum vitae of Serge Gawbene Buthendwa click: Full CV.

Mr. Serge Gwabene Buhendwa is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Serge was a student in Cyprus and has been very actively involved as a volunteer with Future Worlds Center. He has helped with many project related activities and has also pioneered in writing new project applications.

Short Bio

Talented professional trainer having a wide background in teaching techniques and conducting, developing, and monitoring training programs for youngsters in the field of Human rights, conflict resolution, Peacebuilding, and mediation utilizing blended learning concepts, including teamwork, one-to-one, and online training.