Strovolos Municial Multi-Functional Foundation - SMMFF

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Formation 1993
Purpose/focus promoting and implementing all social action
Location Nicosia, Cyprus

Strovolos Municipality, wanting to set on an organized basis of social services for its citizens, proceeded in September 1993 to create the "Multipurpose Centre of Strovolos', an innovative Institute for Cyprus, which has already completed 16 years of life and selfless service to the citizens of Strovolos. The Foundation, by decision of the of Strovolos Municipal Council in 2005, has undertaken the responsibility to promote and implement all social action of Strovolos. This constitutes the Social Service of the Municipality. The main purpose of the Foundation is to develop a healthy society, through the creation and operation of programs and activities to provide services and care to infants, toddlers, school-age children, the elderly, people who face various psychosocial problems, and in other groups of modern society have been revealed this need. The Foundation is funded primarily by the Municipality of Strovolos and Plan of Government Grants for Social Welfare Services. Additionally, the Foundation is financially supported by contributions and donations of citizens, but also by organizing various charity events and artistic content. The Adult Centre is a place in which seniors spend a pleasant and creative hours by participating in a series of activities in order to utilize their skills, their socialization and active participation in society.


Role: Review and Analysis of existing services (Task 1.1); Capture of requirements and workshop participation (Tasks 1.2 and 1.3); Pilot deployment and support in Cyprus (WP3); Contribution to Business Plan from the perspective of end-users (WP4); Partner management and reporting (WP5). In order to comply with Cyprus budget restriction SMFF is supported for the deployment of the pilot in its country by both CNTI and ANA.