The Olive Branch (ZEYTIN DALI)

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The Olive Branch
Abbreviation OB
Motto Cypriots Platform for Peace, Democracy and Human Rights
Formation 2002
Type NGO
Purpose/focus Promotion of human rights, especially for the youth.
Headquarters Nicosia
Location Cyprus
Region served Island wide
Official languages English
Prsident Hayat Hüsseyin Yasamsal
Devrim Yasamsal
Main organ Board of Directors
Staff 2
Website Olive Branch

The Olive Branch Foundation, "Zeytin Dalı" (Olive Branch) in its original language, is an NGO managed mainly by Turkish Cypriots, registered in the Republic of Cyprus and operating island-wide. Its focus is in the promotion of human rights, especially for the youth. Since the launching of its activities in 2002, it has implemented a number of humanitarian and youth projects and participated in European meetings and events.


Olive Branch is an independent, and a non-governmental foundation. Its aim is PEACE, DEMOCRACY and the HUMAN RIGHTS. The Headquarter of the foundation is in Nicosia, and it was established in August 2002.

The founders of the foundation are personalities who aim to work and be able to involve with the mutual understanding, tolerance, democracy and yield the human rights culture and activate it, to improve the permanent Peace between the communities in Cyprus and to cultivate Friendship and Cooperation between people of Cyprus-Greece -Turkey in the context of European values. The foundation defends all individuals, human rights and freedom and accepts this as its main duty.

It currently employs 2 people.

Relation to Future Worlds Center

The Olive Branch Foundation is an associate partner and supporter of many projects such as:

Media Literacy

In 2003-2005, the Olive Branch Foundation collaborated with the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute in the organization of Media Literacy workshops in the northern part of the island.

Extending EU Citizenship

Promote awareness raising for EU Citizenship issues in the new member states through printed and electronic information material (distributed to relevant bodies as well as to the wide public), workshops (offered to special target groups), panel discussions (for the public) and live Radio/TV programs. The need for relevant, accurate, immediate and easy-to-access information is satisfied using an innovative communication tool, an automated call-answer centre (ACC). Training in topics relevant to EU Citizenship has been delivered to specialized groups such as: teachers, activists, school counsellors, civil servant etc. A total of 150 teachers have participate in a two day training workshop on teaching methodologies, and ways of approaching issues of interculturalism, diversity, human rights, and other European Ideals. Curriculum units for high schools focusing on selected fundamental human rights have been developed and will be submitted to the Ministry of Education for inclusion in their regular curriculum. Clearly the particular project has resulted to strengthened ties with the Ministry of Education, Schools and teachers themselves. It is worth mentioning that a network of approximately twenty four teachers has been collaborating with us in seeing through the aforementioned action.

Olive Branch is partner in Cyberethics – Combined Awareness Node, Hotline and Helpline for the promotion of Safer Internet issues since 2006. It has been coordinating and Implementing Safer Internet Awareness campaigns in the northern part of the Island. Olive Branch has given many presentations on the both sides of the island to children on Internet Safety under the context of the Cyberethics project. It has also cooperated with Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute in the promotion of the Cyberethics project, such as:

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