The World From Our Doorstep

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The World From Our Doorstep
Contract Title The World From Our Doorstep
Contract Number DCI-NSA-ED/2012/280-249
Funding Agency EuropeAid
Partners Cumbria Development Education Centre (UK), Alliance for Regional and Civil Initiatives (Bulgaria), Instytut Globalnej Obpowiedzialnosci (Poland)

The World From Our Doorstep is an innovative, three year project designed to tackle the challenges children growing up in increasingly complex and globalized societies are to face. Concepts of Interconnectedness, sustainability, and fairness will be addressed through a broad range of learning materials. These materials include story books, topic boxes, storytelling, outdoor and experiential learning, and enquiry.

Project Aims

  • Develop outdoor and experiential learning as a means to introduce global issues of interconnectedness, sustainability and fairness to children
  • Foster links with food producers and rural craftspeople so that the project themes are relevant and real to children
  • Work with practitioners in regular Focus Groups to introduce learning resources like the “Meet Zogg” storybook and topic boxes, and develop new activities and classroom resources alongside practitioners
  • Support practitioners to develop ways to engage parents and families in learning about the project themes
  • Enable practitioners and children to establish links with the Cumbria Fairtrade Network
  • Support schools and EY settings to establish and nurture links with schools and food producers overseas, including EU and sub-Saharan Africa
  • Our final project will be a World from our Doorstep Practitioner Handbook, which will include all the methodologies and activities which have been developed, tried and tested, and which can be used by practitioners to build on and sustain the learning.

Target Groups

Pre-school practitioners, infant teachers, teaching assistants and other adult helpers. The learning materials and activities will be targeted at young learners, aged 3-8.


  • Increased understanding and confidence for pre-school or infant practitioners to integrate sustainable development and fair trade issues into their teaching and activities with children
  • Teachers and practitioners will have access to storybooks, topic boxes and related outdoor learning resources to help teach young children about development issues
  • Developed skills and knowledge to engage outdoor practitioners, food producers and craftspeople in working with children, families and members of the school community in learning about project themes.