Together for Youth Participation: Transnational Seminar on Youth Public Policies

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Youth in Action Programme Action 5 – Sub-Action 5.1

Together for Youth Participation -Transnational seminar on youth public policies-

Date and place: 28 February – 5 March, Timisoara

The project “Together for youth participation” aims at improving the models through which authorities and NGOs develop public policies for youth, based on the real needs of young people. This project wants to be a solution to the following problem identified: the lack of active participation of the youth organizations in the development of public policies. The transnational seminar is organized by Intercultural Institute of Timisoara in partnership with Future Worlds Center (Cyprus), Youth Express Network (France), Dartke (Hungary), Youth Development Association (Turkey), UniTS – Universita del Terzo Settore (Italy) and it is financed through Youth in Action Programme, Action 5.1.

Basically they told the contracting authority that the seminar would produce Action Plans so in making the agenda I need to know how we want to schedule our plan. Do we want to spend the four days doing a thorough action plan (taking in our experience of the most recent Italy action plan session which was too short)? Do we want one day to do any other part of SDDP? I think we should do the first 3 days as Action Plan phase with cogniscope, then on the last day we spilt in country groups and take the action plan map and develop action plans on how to transform the actions on the map to practice and reality in each of the countries.