Universita Degli Studi di Salerno

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Universita Degli Studi di Salerno
Abbreviation UNISA
Location Italy
Website https://www.unisa.it/

Relation to the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI)

Partners with the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI) in the R&I PEERS project.

The origins of the University of Salerno go back to the VIII century AD thanks to the foundation of the celebrated Salerno medical school, an authoritative, prestigious, sanitary institution, which remained important throughout the whole Medieval Age.

The University of Salerno is the third university in the South of peninsular Italy. It is one of the few universities in Italy to have the campus structure with 2 km2 in extent. In recent decades, the University has had a considerable growth reaching more than 40,000 students. The University has 16 Departments; 10 Interdepartmental Centres.

The nursery of the University of Salerno is the second Italian experience in a university setting. The kindergarten is for children of the staff and students of the University, as well as, in a predetermined proportion, for the children of residents in the municipality of Fisciano and neighboring. The nursery can accommodate up to 60 children aged 3 months to 3 years.

The mission of the University of Salerno is to carry out research and educational programmes, developing links with the surrounding area while respecting the environment, with the aim of creating, enriching and, at the same time, offering a scientific, cultural heritage to students, enterprises, institutions and in general to the whole community. In keeping with this mission and core values, which are a constant reference point, the institutional goals are as follows: Research; Teaching and Education; Support for outstanding students and the diversely able; Development of the Campus as a community of individuals who share the same interests and values; Development of links with key players in the local area.

Core Values are: Secularism, pluralism, and independence from any ideological, political, and economic orientation; Freedom of thought, in research and in teaching; Equal educational and professional opportunities; Sustainable growth and development of the local area; Safeguarding the right to health care; Protection of the environment.

The OGEPO (Observatory for the Gender studies and Equal Opportunity) of University of Salerno, started in 2011. It is in accordance with the positive action plan implemented by the University Equal Opportunity Commission in 2006. The aims are:

  • to promote research and comparison of gender studies and statistics, equality and Equal Opportunities, women's presence in history, their representation in society, judicial issues, historical, social, economical, political, and cultural aspects inherent in these subjects. For this purpose, it provides interdisciplinary collaborations between professors and experts through the exchange of various scientific and humanistic views;
  • to empower the activities of documentation and information of the Gender and Equal Opportunity Documentation Centre, whose acquired competencies are available for individuals and institutions and which is an integral part of the Observatory, to create: 1. a general catalogue of documentary and bibliographical materials with regard to Gender Culture and Equal Opportunities, catalogued in the libraries and other bodies of the University of Salerno, or disseminated in Salerno and its province; 2. an information, consulting and orientation desk for the reconciliation of working hours and life, rights, services, health, work, career, education, families, legislation, cultures, free time, etc.;
  • to create a networking forum to connect the University of Salerno on a provincial, regional, national and international scale, through social networks regulated by standards and agreements with associations, public and private bodies for the exchange and circulation of information and the planning of interventions on gender themes. This Forum is included in the Observatory, as an integral part, to offer perspectives and useful operative tools for specific interventions on gender issues and equal opportunity and to promote a greater awareness for the people involved in the territory, and favoring the dialogue between genders and generations; • to organize, promote and sponsor training courses and teaching initiatives to create, both on the training and working level, sensitivity against any form of direct or indirect discrimination, regarding gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnic group, disability, religion or language;
  • to participate in national, European and international research projects specifically addressed to continuous and on line open training, on themes regarding gender, sexual orientation, and the culture of tolerance and integration.
  • interdisciplinary collaborations between Italian and foreign professors and experts to promote comparison on women's role in the present society and to favor integration of the gender prospective in various studies and elaboration programs;
  • publications (in electronic format) of the studies on subjects elaborated by Gender Studies.
  • promote the circulation of information about national and international projects and opportunities in the field of gender Culture and Equal Opportunities;
  • organize training courses addressed to youth of both sexes to employ for bibliographical research and filing work with appropriate tutor guidance.

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