Vilnius Womens House

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Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in JoinTheNet IV – Dissemination of material for education and training on health symptoms caused by violence (PTSD).

Vilnius Womens House
Location Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius Womens House The Vilnius Women's House and Crisis Center (Vilniaus Moteru Namai - Kriziu Centras) began its work on August 15th, 1996, following more than three years of activities and programs raising the issue of domestic violence against women in Lithuanian society. The Center resulted from co-operation between the WomenÒ³ House organisation in Lithuania, Oslo University in Norway, and womenÒ³ crisis centers in Denmark. The Crisis Center project has been financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The main activities of the Center have been:

  • A help line since November 1996 that provides information and support to victims of domestic violence. The help line is run by the Crisis Center's staff and volunteers who have received training in counselling.
  • Personal consultations with lawyers, psychologists, and medical doctors, if necessary.

The creation of a temporary shelter for women and their children in cases where the home environment becomes too dangerous or intolerable. In order to find out more about the Center, I spoke with Asta Paulikaite a dedicated volunteer at the Crisis Center. She was able to tell me more about the Center's activities as well as about her own background and motivation to volunteer at the Center.

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