Vitae: Yiannis Laouris

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Honors and Awards

Name and description of the award Year
Leistungstippendien, Leipzig, Germany

Financial award given to students with very high grades

Salvator Allende Stippendium, Leipzig, Germany

Prize given to two best students of each university in the country

Leistungshau, Leipzig, GDR

Competition for selection of research achievements by young scientists
Parts of Ph.D. work selected for both the 1984 "Leistungsshau" of the
University and for the 1985 "Leistungsshau" from all Universities in the GDR

1984 & 1985
Summa cum laude, Leipzig, Germany

PhD received the most unusual distinction having being graded with 5 A’s

Provost's Teaching Award, Arizona, USU

For development of computer-based undergraduate instruction in neuroscience

Medical Innovation Award, Arizona, USA

For development of computer-based undergraduate instruction in neuroscience

IPDF, Arizona, USA1992

For activities in International Program Development

ISO 9001/2, London, UK

Among the first few companies in Cyprus to get this award from a UK Board

Silver Award, INPEX 95, Pittsburgh, USA

Innovation Competition Fair with thousands of participants from all over the world

The Elected of the Year '96, Jerusalem, Israel

The CYBER Kids company in Israel chosen as the most promising new company of the Year

Qualidat, Geneva, Switzerland

Distinction given to companies that demonstrate high standards of quality

Employers and Industrialists Federation Award, Nicosia, Cyprus

First Award for Innovation and Creativity (awarded by the President of Cyprus)

Civil Society Award

First Award to NGOs pioneering in social transformation

Hellenic Society for Systems Studies

Award to distinguished scientists


Membership in Professional Societies and Associations

Center for Systemic Studies, Founding Member, Cyprus
Name association Years
Cypriot Students Association, President '78, GDR 1981-83
Pre-registration Doctors’ Association, President, '86, Limassol, Cyprus 1985-86
Physiology Seminar Committee, UA 1988-89
Co-Coordinator, "PSIO 818: Neurophysiology for Neurologists", UA 1988-89
German Physiological Society 1988-1992
International Society of Biomechanics 1989
Society for Neuroscience 1990-1994
American Physiological Society 1990-1995
Cyprus Designers and Inventors Association, Secretary '94), Cyprus 1992-93
Cyprus Neuroscience Association, Appointed President, '91, Cyprus 1991-96
Cyprus MacUsers Group, Founding Member and President, '92, Cyprus 1991-94
Cyprus Society of Medical Informatics, Cyprus 1997-present
Peace Center, Cyprus 1994-present
Technology For Peace, Founding Member and Project Leader 1997-present
IDA: International Dyslexia Association 2002-present
ISSS: International Society for the Systems Sciences 2003-present
ISTE: International Society Technology in Education 1993-1997, 2004-present
IADIS: International Association for Development of the Information Society 2005-present
EARLI: European association for Research on Learning & Instruction 2005-present
AERA: American Educational Research Association 2006-present
HSSS: Hellenic Systems Science Society 2008-present