Why Plastic if Green is Fantastic?

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Why Plastic if Green is Fantastic , also known as Why Plastic if G.I.F.? is Future Worlds Center's initiative organized by Global Education Unit with the aim to raise awareness on environmental issues, the increasing plastic pollution and inform about the alternatives and possibilities to enjoy sustainable lifestyle in fun and interactive ways. First event of this initiative took place On July 26, 2018 in Agios Dometios

About the initiative

In Future Worlds Center Global Education Unit we believe that every change is possible if we start with ourselves and with the place we live in. WHY PLASTIC IF GREEN IS FANTASTIC is an initiative to get to know people of the Agios Dometios neighbourhood, introduce them to our work at Future Worlds Center. Besides that the aim is to raise the awareness on sustainable lifestyle and actions everyone can do to make a change step by step.

Event includes workshops, sustainable market, healthy food and drinks and music.

The main target group of the event are the residents of Agios Dometios, as well as residents and visitors of Nicosia who are interested in sustainable lifestyle or want to learn more about it, in a setting that would allow them to meet other people with similar values and fresh ideas.

G.I.F. Team

Why Plastic if G.I.F.? was organized mainly by Global Education Unit. The event manager was Future Worlds Center's intern from Latvia Eliza Danenfelde Kirpe The main event production team was:

G.I.F. Visuals

Visual materials to promote the event were created by the graphic designer Aspasia (Acpa) Ksidea

Why Plastic If G.I.F.? Social Media Cover Photo

G.I.F. Videos

G.I.F.? in media

Participants, Partners and collaborators

  • Map Your Meal
  • GreenDot
  • EcoPhysis
  • Let's Make Cyprus Green
  • Tesura
  • Precious Palstic
  • Tiganokinisi
  • BioHeaven
  • Nature Me
  • DJ Beatle
  • Kyriacos Chimonis
  • Zoe Kavalgadzi
  • Rebecca Katsari
  • MagmaLa
  • EcoPhysis