Women Interest Association Fenestra

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Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in JoinTheNet IV – Dissemination of material for education and training on health symptoms caused by violence (PTSD).

Women Interest Association Fenestra
Legal status 1996
Location Slovakia
Website http://www.fenestra.sk

Women Interest Association Fenestra was founded in 1996. We were a group of women with young children who, like most mothers did not have the space to meet and dedication to their interests and needs, and which would also be well cared for our children. Inspired by the idea of German parents, we established the first center in Slovakia. The breast center, we have created an open community of women. The basic principles of operation have been using self-help and respect for diversity. We discussed personal experiences with discrimination against women and the first activities related to acquiring knowledge in the field of women's human rights.

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